Financial Aid Net Price Calculator

The Financial Aid Net Price Calculator provides an estimated Financial Aid Award Offer for prospective students. The estimated values produced by this tool are not the actual amounts that will be offered in your final Financial Aid Award Letter. All estimated values are subject to the availability of funding. For more information about the Financial Aid application process, visit How to Apply.

This Net Price Calculator produces estimated values based on the information you provide. If you provide incorrect information, the resulting estimated values may differ significantly from your final Financial Aid award letter.

This tool is only intended for full-time, undergraduate students.

What you will need:

  • Most recent income tax returns filed by the student and the student's parent(s)
  • Most recent W-2 forms and/or pay stubs with year-to-date information for the student and parent(s)
  • Current bank and brokerage/investment statements 
I am less than 24 years old.I am at least 24 years old.

Students who are less than 24 years old may still qualify for Independent status. For more information, view the Dependency Status criteria.